If you are looking for a place to rest where you can enjoy the beauty of nature far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a wide variety of activities, let this be you right choice!

Modernly furnished mountain house blended with untouched nature, which presents a true oasis of peace to everyone wishing to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of city life, won’t leave a single visitor indifferent.

We offer terrain horse riding in several sections and on marked horse riding tracks situated in the heights of Papuk mountain, stretching all the way to the Jankovac resort, the so-called “Pearl of Papuk heights”, a favourite destination on field trips and mountain climbing.

We offer rides in horse-drawn carriages, hiking trips through the centennial forest, as well as many other recreational facilities. Visit the wine cellars and try the wine from the local residential wine cellars.

The offer includes traditional homemade meals accompanied by unique Slavonian tambura playing.

We wish you a pleasant stay in nature!


Teambuilding is a concept which is growing from the recurring need of employers around the world to regain strength, concentration and dedication towards their proper jobs and above all to unite their working teams that affected by everyday challenges and the pressure of contemporary workplace.

Taught by our own experience, we are able to offer teambuilding services, tailoring them to your needs.

There is a possibility of holding a barbecue on your own or with the kind help of the host on our estate located on the edge of Papuk nature park; all other facilities of our estate are at your disposal as well.

The needs of urban man for preserved and original nature are growing steadfastly, and nature trips are one the best ways to get away from everyday life.